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Hi, we're Claire and Sam, a newly married couple who have decided that life is far too short to settle down and do what's expected. We live for, and truly love, a great adventure - so that's what we're planning to do.

Join us on our grand tour of the British Isles, Ireland and lots of mainland Europe, in our lovely new Swift Freestyle SE C205 motorhome. 


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Our latest video - 'Regal Rundale, Creative Kaunas - From Latvija to Lietuva'

Our Big Baltic Adventure is almost over (but not our trip, don't worry!), on the way back from Estonia, we stop in at a few sights we wanted to see the first time round in Latvia and Lithuania...


First up, the incredible Rundāle Palace and Gardens in southern Latvia. Built for the Duke of Courland in two periods, from 1736 until 1740 and from 1764 until 1768, its renovation has been ongoing for generations... (it's still not quite done!) Being one of the major tourist destinations in Latvia, it is also used for the accommodation of notable guests, such as the leaders of foreign nations. Luckily for us, the palace and the surrounding gardens are now a museum, so let's explore!


Over the border into Lithuania, and we arrive at the moving and inspirational 'Hill of Crosses'. This is somewhere LOADS of people told us with should go, and boy, were they right! What a place. There are over 100,000 cross on this famous pilgrimage site and it makes for quite the sight. Everyone who comes here leaves a small cross as an offering to god, so we felt we had to do the same.


Finally we roll into Lithuania's second city, the creative heart of Kaunas. The city is famous for many reasons, but we chose just one to explore... During the interwar period, Kaunas served as the temporary capital of Lithuania and it became celebrated for its rich cultural and academic life, fashion, and the construction of countless Art Deco and Lithuanian National Romanticism architectural-style buildings - so now the city has possibly the best collection of 'Interwar' architecture in the world - join us to see of the amazing sights! (and yes, there are a LOT more things to do in Kaunas, but this was our chosen look at this beautiful city!)

Enjoy, and join us for our Next Stop... Everywhere!

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Our big adventure in 2019 & 2020




In the last 6 months of 2019, we'll be heading across the UK, taking in the sights and sounds of a nation we dearly love - England, Scotland, North Ireland, Ireland and Wales will all have the pleasure of our company - and we hope to show you some of the most beautiful sights on our epic adventure.

In early 2020, we'll be heading across the sea to our European neighbours for some more good times and great sights. From Spain to Italy, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and more - it's going to be a proper road trip. We're hoping to take our four-wheeled home across the big seas to Iceland too!

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