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Hi, we're Claire and Sam, a newly married couple who have decided that life is far too short to settle down and do what's expected. We live for, and truly love, a great adventure - so that's what we're planning to do.

Join us on our grand tour of the British Isles, Ireland and lots of mainland Europe, in our lovely new Swift Freestyle SE C205 motorhome. 


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Our latest video - 'Lush Ljubljana, Perfect Piran - Slovenia's Capital And Coast'

It's the final part of our Slovenian adventures... and what an adventure it's been! In this vid we're taking in the sights of Slap Boka (Slovenia's highest waterfall), getting stuck into a massive museum, wandering around the lovely Ljubljana (Slovenia's capital) and heading over to the incredible coastline of Izola and Piran!


As our time in the Triglav National Park comes to an end, we make a quick stop off at the incredibly massive Slap Boka - the highest waterfall in this lovely nation. Okay, it might not be THAT spectacular (as we hadn't too much rain and the flow was tiny) but it's still a sight to see in this amazing national park, and the walk up to it is just as amazing as the views from the platform across the valley... you'll see what we mean!


Next up, and en route to Slovenia's capital, we stop off at 'Tehniški muzej Slovenije' (or 'The Technical Museum of Slovenia to us English speakers) where we immerse ourselves in the rich history and heritage of the country, but also of the former Yugoslavia too! Founded in 1951, the museum has been housed within the buildings of the former Bistra Carthusian Monastery (with artefacts that date back to the first century!) and contains fascinating exhibitions from Slovenia's amazing forestry, woodworking, transportation, textiles and printing industries and much, much more... including the personal collection of cars from the former Yugoslavian 'president-for-life' Josip Tito.


Onwards we roll into Slovenia's capital, the lush city of Ljubljana - unfortunately here is where there is a slight twist. Slovenia had strict mask rules and curfews in place at the time of our visit, and we couldn't remove our masks indoors or outdoors to talk to the camera... so you can enjoy a visual tour of the city and some of the stunning sights, but that's about it. We dearly hope to return in the future, to do a proper tour and a thorough vlog, but for now, just sit back, relax and enjoy the views and atmosphere!


Finally, we hit the coast. A brilliant motorhome stopover in the town of Izola (honestly, Slovenia is full of AMAZING motorhome stops!) and a chance to savour in the fact we've driven from the Baltic to the Adriatic (woo hoo!), then it's on the world-famous town of Piran.


One of the loveliest towns anywhere along the Adriatic coast, picturesque Piran (Pirano in Italian) sits prettily at the tip of a narrow peninsula. Its old town – one of the best-preserved historical towns anywhere in the Mediterranean – is a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture, but it can be a mob scene at the height of summer. Thankfully for us, Covid means quieter times, and it’s hard not to fall instantly in love with the atmospheric winding alleyways, stunning vistas and clear emerald seas. Also, did you know that St. George’s Church bell tower in Piran is a copy of St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice? No? Well more on that as next, our epic European tour heads to Italy!

*** This video was recorded in October, before Slovenia's rise in Covid-19 cases, curfew and lockdown ***

Enjoy, and join us for our Next Stop... Everywhere!

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Our big adventure in 2019 & 2020




2021 - TBC

In the last 6 months of 2019, we'll be heading across the UK, taking in the sights and sounds of a nation we dearly love - England, Scotland, North Ireland, Ireland and Wales will all have the pleasure of our company - and we hope to show you some of the most beautiful sights on our epic adventure.

In 2020, we ventured across the channel for another epic adventure! From our 'coronavirus lockdown' and subsequent tour of Denmark, our journey took us along the baltic coast, around Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, down through Poland, through Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and more.

In 2021, we hope to be on the road again, but it largely depends upon the outcome of Covid-19 and whatever comes from Brexit too. We're hoping on three months at least back on the road but for now... stay tuned!

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