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Hi, we're Claire and Sam, a newly married couple who have decided that life is far too short to settle down and do what's expected. We live for, and truly love, a great adventure - so that's what we're planning to do.

Join us on our grand tour of the British Isles, Ireland and lots of mainland Europe, in our lovely new Swift Freestyle SE C205 motorhome. 


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Our latest video - 'Fabulous Trails And Fairytales - Bojnice, Bratislava And Slovakia'

We're back with the final part of our trip through the incredible nation of Slovakia - and wow, this one is an absolute stunner!


We head back to the High Tatra mountains for a hike up... erm, okay, more 'around'... the beautiful Lomnický Stít mountain, en route to the perfect Cold Creek Waterfalls. It was a gorgeous day and with a hike through these eye-poppingly lovely views, you can't go wrong... even if Sam did ruin his walking boots - time for a new pair! Finally a sneaky Funicular ride back down rounded off a great day.


Next up, we stopped off in the tiny town of Hronsek to visit the Wooden articular church - a famous sight and part of the UNESCO world heritage grouping of Carpathian wooden churches spread across Slovakia. We learn a little bit more about the history and creation of this incredible church, and of the eight other wooden religious buildings constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries in eight different locations in Slovakia - they're as beautiful as they are inspiring!


It's now on the fairytale castle at Bojnice. This spectacular medieval castle, built in a Romanesque style with some original Gothic and Renaissance elements added in the 12th century, is one of the most visited castles in Slovakia, receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and also being a popular filming stage for fantasy and fairy-tale movies. Its history is fascinating, and its interior and exterior... just gorgeous!


Finally we round out our time in Slovakia with a trip to its famed capital, Bratislava, where we wander through the old town and work our way up to the castle high on the hill above the city - the views are just as brilliant as our time in this wonderful nation has been.

*** This video was recorded during summer, before Slovakia's rise in Covid-19 cases and curfew ***

Enjoy, and join us for our Next Stop... Everywhere!

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Our big adventure in 2019 & 2020




In the last 6 months of 2019, we'll be heading across the UK, taking in the sights and sounds of a nation we dearly love - England, Scotland, North Ireland, Ireland and Wales will all have the pleasure of our company - and we hope to show you some of the most beautiful sights on our epic adventure.

In early 2020, we'll be heading across the sea to our European neighbours for some more good times and great sights. From Spain to Italy, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and more - it's going to be a proper road trip. We're hoping to take our four-wheeled home across the big seas to Iceland too!

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